Knitting & Dyeing

We knit and dye our own fabric. This would enable us to control quality of the fabric, to pass on savings on to you, and to customize your fabric color when the minimum quantity is reached.

German made Knitting Machine

300-900kg/batch dyeing machines

Pattern & Styling

Using CAD system, we are able to quickly produce, grade and accurate patterns to provide fast turn-around samples, prototypes, mock-ups and production.

CAD also helps minimizing fabric and material consumptions to pass on the savings to our customers.

CAD Pattern Designer

CAD Auto-Nesting Marker

Design & Artworks

You don't need to be a graphic artist to be able to design a great product. Our ONLINE DESIGN TOOL gives you all the resources to design your products LIKE A PRO. This greatly saves so much time in concept to sample approval process.

We also have an In-House team of graphic design experts to help our customers in design

ONLINE DESIGN TOOL - When your experiences are at ZERO, but you design like a PRO

IN-HOUSE Designeer - the REAL PRO's

Spreading & Cutting

We employ latest and state of the art technologies to produce our products to meet the never ending demand of quality, cost-saving, safety, and consistency.

Automatic spreading machines

Computer Controlled Numerical Auto Cutter

Automatic strip cut-roll

Manual cutters.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is by far the most economical solution for mass production. But it doesn't have to sacrifice quality and the awesome-ness of your design. We have in our line all kinds of screen printing technologies to meet wide arrays of great prints.

16-color Automatic Oval Screen Printing Machine

5-color Automatic Screen Printing machine with 270 Meters of printing table

5- color small footprint Automatic Screen Print machine

6- color Manual Rotary Screen Print machine

300+ Meter of Manual Screen Printing Table


Embroidery is an elegant and durable way to put your message on products. It gives the prestige and the attention you deserves.

We also provide the option of world class digitizing of artworks from the very best in the industries.

6-head High Precision Embroidery Machine

Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing

Never again are your prints limited to the number of colors, flat designs, and big quantity orders. With Direct To Garment (DTG) Printers you can realize any high resolution image on to your products. Be it a simple logo or a complex photographs, DTG can print, where screenprint can not. And you don't have to buy a lot. Fast turn-around, complex artworks, and low-volume orders are best filled with DTG.

Direct To Garment Machine with Epson Printhead

Sublimation Printing

Not just that you have the advantage of unlimited colors, image type, and low volume orders, Sublimation Printing gives you more.

There is no limit on what you can print on high performance sportswears. Sublimation printing allows you to print AS MANY BRIGHT COLORS, but also AS MUCH PRINTING AREA as the WHOLE APPAREL, which what we call ALL OVER PRINTING.

Roland TexArt digital Sublimation Printer

Sewing & Finishing

We employ the STATE OF THE ART technologies the industry has to offer. Fully automatic sewing machines has made tremendous advances in ease, accuracy, efficiency, and consistency in the sewing department. These technologies give us the edge to make more, easier, faster, accurately and consistently.

Automatic Placket machines

Large platform pattern sewing machines

Medium platform pattern sewing machines

Bartack sewing machines

400+ Automatic single needle machines

200+ Automatic overlock sewing machines

10+ Automatic interlock sewing machines

Automatic Thread Trimmers

Vaccuum Steam Iron Stations

and many other specialty machines


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